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Dr. Greta Pope is "The Music Business Expert." She is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed entertainer who has delighted audiences throughout Europe, the Far East, South America and the Caribbean, as well as the United States and Canada. Greta Pope has been touted one of the great voices of our time, as she performs with ease all styles from Country to Opera, and from Rhythm and Blues to Broadway. Greta Pope has enjoyed a professional performing career spanning more than 20 years and has endured the ups and downs of the business from a practical perspective. She has truly walked the walk. For more information on Greta's performing career visit Dr. Greta Pope has earned academic credentials of the very highest order. She is qualified to teach at any institution of higher education in the world. Greta holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from The Western College for Women, a Master of Music Degree from Miami University. She has done intensive post- graduate voice study at Indiana University with the great Metropolitan Opera Soprano, Eileen Farrell. Greta has continued her education by earning a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin where she completed her Dissertation/Doctoral Project on the topic of "The Business of Music." The Doctoral Project is a curriculum for a college level course entitled "Introduction to Artist Management." The course addresses the major aspects of building a successful and sustainable career in the music industry. Dr. Pope was encouraged by professors, advisors, students and fellow performers to publish her Doctoral Project so that others could benefit from her life-long experience and knowledge. She selected highlights from the project and published self-help book Music, Money & You; Managing the Business as a guide for performers wanting to maximize their success in the music business. Colleges and Universities across the Country are annually graduating highly talented and gifted performing arts students. These students finish college thinking that Symphony Orchestras, Opera Companies, Broadway Producers, Jazz Orchestras, Recording Companies or other music institutions are going to snap them up and they will be all set for high caliber performing careers. After all&isn't being good at one's craft enough to be sought after for rewarding work in one's chosen field? Unfortunately, it is often not enough to just be good at one's craft. Performers today need that extra edge that Dr. Greta Pope, "The Music Business Expert" provides. Dr. Greta Pope "The Music Business Expert" is presenting her "Master Class" series at Colleges and Universities across the Country as part of her Music, Money & You Motivational Tour. Dr. Pope is speaking to large and small groups of musicians in all genres of music. Private consultations are also available.

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The Music, Money & You Motivational Tour "Master Class" series is designed for groups of musicians participating in all genres of music. Dr. Greta Pope "The Music Business Expert" travels the Country speaking to large and small groups of individuals interested in forging successful and sustainable careers in the music business.


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